I’m self employed but can’t get a loan at the bank, why?

If you’re any one of the 2.4 million self employed Aussies, you’ve no doubt already had a loan application knocked back by the banks. And while the big red ‘DENIED’ stamp can seem intimidating, the truth is you’re part of a huge market segment ignored by such narrow lending criteria.

The Williams’ Business Expansion

Mr & Mrs Williams are self-employed printers who have built up a solid and loyal customer base over a number of years. Since they started their business, printing technology has significantly advanced. There are new machines that require substantially less ink than their current equipment, which would ultimately reduce their costs and improve efficiency and profitability.
Howevinstallation exceeds $180,000

The Smiley’s Refinance & Debt Consolidation

Mr & Mrs Smiley run a successful electrical business.

Mr Smiley is great on the tools but not so great with paper work, and hasn’t lodged his BAS or returns for the last 3 years.

Mr and Mrs Smiley recently received a letter from the tax department stating they were aware they hadn’t lodged a return for quite some time.

HIA applauds latest housing affordability strategy

The Housing Industry Association has welcomed the federal government’s commitment to deliver a new national housing affordability strategy.

The Coalition announced last week it would develop the new strategy and re-establish the National Housing Supply Council in a bid to reduce pressures currently facing the Australian property market.

Mortgage Choice defends strong ASX performance

Mortgage Choice CEO John Flavell has defended the company’s sudden share price growth after the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) demanded a ‘please explain’.

The group’s share price has surged by 24.7 per cent since last Thursday, prompting a letter from the ASX asking whether Mortgage Choice is “aware of any information concerning it that has not been announced to the market, which, if known by some in the market, could explain the recent trading in its securities”.

Broker numbers tipped to fall

Aussie’s James Symond believes the number of brokers operating in the Australian market will diminish as the industry matures.

Mr Symond says even though the mortgage industry is growing and there is more business for brokers, some consolidation will occur.

“I think that the number of mortgage brokers in Australia will probably decline – from the MFAA numbers of 12, 13 or 14,000 people – and it might only reshape itself a little bit,” he told The Adviser following Aussie’s number one ranking in the recent Top 25 Brokeragesreport.