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RedZed’s “Meet the Master” winners announced


By Adrian Fisher October 15, 2017

RedZed announces the winner of its inaugural Meet The Master competition: small business owner to visit the US to meet his BBQ hero.

Monday 16th October, Melbourne, Australia: RedZed Lending Solutions, the champions of the self-employed, have announced small business owner Chad Griffin has won the inaugural Meet The Master competition and will fly to Richmond, Virginia in the United States to meet his business hero and BBQ legend, Tuffy Stone.

Mr Griffin is the owner of Stoke n Smoke BBQ in Canberra. Chad said he believes Canberra is lacking of delicious american style bbq smoked meats and wants to make his passion for BBQ a successful business just like Tuffy Stone has done.

“I’m trying to build a business to bring BBQ to Canberra by catering for events, parties and functions with an offset smoker and trailer. I’m so passionate about BBQ. I’ve been learning about smoking, grilling and marinating from professionals in the field all over Australia to learn the perfect techniques. Spending a day with the master of BBQ, Tuffy Stone will give me a real leg up and help me reach my business dream,” Chad said.

RedZed, Managing Director , Evan Dwyer said this type of story is exactly why RedZed decided to launch the Meet The Master competition.

“At RedZed we see people everyday who are risking it all to make their life’s passion a business success. We know how hard it is to own a small business, work long hours, be responsible for paying someone’s wages, make sure the money keeps coming in and ask people to support you and believe in you. Unlike a big corporate, small business owners take on all the risk themselves.”

“We see the Meet The Master initiative as a way to help the small business owners of Australia get access to those once in a lifetime opportunities that big corporates give their staff all the time. It’s those moments that can really make a difference when you’re slogging it out to achieve your dream and we really think Chad getting the chance to spend a day with Tuffy Stone will help him take his business to the next level.”

Tuffy Stone, nicknamed The Professor, is an American chef and competitor on the competitive barbecue circuit. He has appeared on the Destination America reality television show BBQ Pitmasters. He runs the team “Cool Smoke” and owns a barbecue restaurant chain called “Q Barbeque.” He is the only person to win the Jack Daniels Invitational Barbecue World Championship three times, including the past two years in a row, later this month he will be competing for the title of Grand Champion for a fourth year.

“When RedZed reached out to me to let me know that Chad was going to fly around the world to meet me, it was a huge honor,” says Tuffy Stone. “The wonderful thing about barbecue is that it has a universal appeal. I can’t wait to meet Chad and teach him some of my insider tips and tricks that he can take back to Australia and hopefully use to make his business even more successful.”

As well as the grand prize, nine other entrants will receive $1000 from RedZed to help them make their business dreams a reality.

Runners Up:

Katya Cameron, Simon Rowe, Ivo Rossbach, Ella Mitchell, Sally Arnold, Benjamin Cairns, Julian, O’Shea, Dani Venn and Rob Mergard.


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