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John & Mary’s next daring investment: themselves.


By Adrian Fisher November 15, 2017

The situation

Mr and Mrs Williams are self-employed printers who have built up a loyal customer base over a number of years. Printing technology has come a long way since they started their business, and new machines require substantially less ink than the equipment they are currently using. Investing in the new models would lead to attractive gains in efficiency and profit.

The cost of the new machine and its installation exceeds $180,000, which is more than they can afford up front, having put any savings towards their mortgage.

The Williams have been to a number of banks and tried to access the equity against their property, however, the Williams’ could not be approved for enough money to buy the next-generation printer they needed. This put a dampener on their growth plans.

What’s the solution?

Despite an excellent repayment history on their mortgage, the Williams have a telco and utility default on their credit report. Both are under $750 each. After taking all of the Williams’ circumstances into account RedZed was able to approve them for the RedZed Reward product, allowing them to access the equity in their home to support their business.


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