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Turn It Up: Renegade Thinkers Unite

January 29, 2021



Turn It Up: Renegade Thinkers Unite

January 29, 2021


You may have noticed that we’ve recently been featuring a range of podcasts on The XYZed, and that’s because – at RedZed – we believe they’re a great way for small business owners and self-starters to learn from other like-minded people. Especially about important topics like resilience.

This week, we’re featuring two episodes of Renegade Thinkers Unite, hosted by Drew Nassier. Drew’s original claim to fame was as the founder of an agency called Renegade, where he’s worked on award-winning campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Then, a few years ago, Drew started doing something different – not just working as an advertiser and marketer, but telling the stories of people who worked in the worlds of branding and marketing, and the stories of the brands and businesses they work with.

First, he wrote the stories as magazine articles, and then turned that into a podcast. Over 200 episodes later, it’s one of the most-loved marketing podcasts across the world – and has featured some amazing people and ideas.

194: Collaborating Creatively in the Zoom Economy

Along with “COVID-19”, “Zoom” might be one of the most used words of 2020. Even through many of us use Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams instead, the name Zoom has become synonymous with the world of remote working.

So, in this episode, Drew speaks with someone who’s an expert in business collaboration – Smartsheet CMO Anna Griffin – to learn about how working online can become a help as well as a hindrance.

Smartsheet makes software to help businesses of all sizes become better at working together, and Drew and Anna have some interesting conversations about how to make the most of your online meeting time, and how to make sure roles and responsibilities are best delegated.

200: The Original Renegade Marketer: Dr. Benjamin Franklin

To mark his 200th episode, Drew decided to do something a little different. He looked back, instead of speaking to someone in the present.

Through the very renegade idea of discovering a ‘time travel’ button in his Zoom software, Drew makes a ‘call’ back to the 1700s to speak with one of his heroes, the influential American thinker and “founding father” Benjamin Franklin (played here by an actor, obviously).

And it’s a much more relevant chat that you may first think, because – as Drew says – Franklin “practically invented content marketing, and invented at least two social networks”, 300 years before the world had heard of either.

To listen to these, or any of the more than 200 episodes of Drew’s podcast, click here to listen via the Renegade Thinkers Unite website, or here to listen via Apple Podcasts.

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