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Growth Toolkit
Growth Article // 2 min read

Growth Toolkit

Growth Toolkit It’s often said that no one starts a business to stay small, but does this classic mantra match the mindsets of Australia’s self-employed?…
21 Jan 2018
Growth Article // 20 mins

The Truth About Growth

RedZed, in collaboration with PureProfile, commissioned a report asking 500 self-employed Australians from various industries to tell us the truth about growth.
May 22, 2018
Growth Article // 5 mins

Alt-doc loans and you

Running your own business can make you invisible to a lot of the big lenders. They just don’t see you as worth the time, or the risk.
May 21, 2018
Growth Article // 2 mins

Case Study: Weather The Storm

Katie Batterham has recently been through a divorce, and is an experienced, self-employed teacher who works across a number of different schools.
March 1, 2018