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Growth Toolkit

It’s often said that no one starts a business to stay small, but does this classic mantra match the mindsets of Australia’s self-employed? How does this key sector of society see growth?

We commissioned Pureprofile to spend some time speaking to 500 self-starters across Australia – women and men from every state, aged from 18 to 65+ – to find out the truth about growth.

The results proved that growth, in terms of size, doesn’t always equal success. Growth doesn’t have to mean getting bigger. For many, it can be about growing better.

What does that look like? Better at balancing work and family life. Better at delighting their customers. Better at being innovative. Better at being happy.

Our survey also showed that 68% of self-employed Australians believe growth is important to them, but 85% have no written plan in place.

If you’re like that 85%, and are not sure where to start, this toolkit is designed to help you plan for the growth process, and help you implement the right strategies at the right time.

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