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Alt-doc loans and you

May 21, 2018 / 5 mins


Alt-doc loans

Alt-doc loans and you

May 21, 2018 / 5 mins


Are you being served?

2.4 million Aussies are self-employed. Are you one of them? Have you found it difficult dealing with one of the big banks? Running your own business can make you invisible to a lot of the big lenders. They just don’t see you as worth the time, or the risk.

It might not even be a human who has knocked you back, but a computer. Big institutions lack flexibility, and you can’t expect a machine to see the big picture.

Are you thinking about finance for your business? See how RedZed can help, and find out if a RedZed loan is right for you.

You are the heart and soul of your business, and to succeed you need patience, ambition and persistence. You already know that running a business is as much about building good relationships as it is about money. So, you need support, and flexibility, not just a deposit. How does that sound?

Over here!

We’re RedZed, and we believe in helping the self-employed. Really. That’s why we’re here. When it comes to self-employed people in Australia, we know that one-size, or one style, does not fit all.

That means we’re offering ongoing relationships. We’re offering tailored and flexible loan solutions that reflect the diversity and individuality of Aussie owned-and-operated business.

We’re about a holistic approach to lending, and a human lending-criteria. We’ve got skin in the game, so we will help you make better work for yourself. We’re small enough to listen, and big enough to help. We’re RedZed.


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