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$3.1M in federal funding for small business mental health support

January 25, 2021



$3.1M in federal funding for small business mental health support

January 25, 2021


A good mental health check-in is the best way to start a new year for everyone, and especially for small business owners in 2021.

Michaelia Cash, Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, announced in 2020 the spending of $3.1 million to expand the Ahead for Business initiative.

Developed by mental health organisation Everymind, the Ahead for Business digital hub has been relaunched with an expanded range of mental health and wellbeing resources for small business owners.

“Being a small-business owner comes with a unique set of pressures and responsibilities such as isolation, financial stress and workload pressure,” Minister Cash said when announcing the relaunch.

“Now, more than ever, we are reminded how vital it is that we help small businesses manage their mental health. Providing access to trusted information in this difficult time is crucial.”

Everymind is a leading national institute founded in 1992, with a strong reputation in Australia and across the world for delivering research and programs designed to improve and support mental health and wellbeing.

The relaunched Ahead for Business digital hub offers small business owners access to a range of tools and features interactive toolkits, online check-ups and personalised wellbeing plans.

There’s also an anonymous online forum, where small business owners can connect with each other to discuss issues and stresses, as well as receive peer support.

That’s in addition to a blog – where small business owners can share their stories with the world – and a range of multimedia resources including podcasts, videos and case studies.

Visit to take a look for yourself at the updated site.

Other government-funded resources designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of small business owners can be found at My Business Health and Beyond Blue’s Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service.

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