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Staying COVID-safe – New ways of working

August 17, 2020



Staying COVID-safe – New ways of working

August 17, 2020


We’re a country of contrasts at the moment. In some states it’s feeling like business as usual, while Victoria is back into another round of lockdown. But despite the situation where you’re based, there are things to learn from the changes COVID-19 has caused.

Working from home. Zoom meetings. Heading in once a week to water the plants. All good things for those who work in offices and shared working spaces. But what about those who don’t sit behind a desk. What could their new world of work look like?

Get on the road.

When customers can no longer come to you, sometimes it’s a chance to pivot. This a trend that’s been seen in places with usually-booming hospitality industries – with many bars and high-end restaurants trading in bar stools and dining tables for delivery vans during lockdown periods.

Make space on site.

If your business involves building or renovating, it’s important to keep track of the guidelines in place to keep you, your team, your suppliers and your clients safe. The HIA’s Making Space On Site campaign is designed to ensure social distancing is maintained on building work sites – through ways such as limiting the number of workers on any one job and encouraging the use of suppliers who make contactless deliveries.

Consider moving online.

You’ve probably heard from friends and family that work in offices about Zoom meetings or Google hangouts. If you have a business that usually requires meeting with clients or suppliers face-to-face, these types of technology might be perfect for you, too. Interior designers can see clients’ houses via video link, tradies can quote on jobs without needing to visit a property, and personal trainers can run group classes online. Taking advantage of these kinds of tactics now could set your business up to be more efficient in a post-COVID world, too.

Keep clean and safe.

Some jobs – like landscaping or home repairs – just can’t be done at a distance. If you absolutely need to visit clients’ homes to do your work, make sure you adhere to government health recommendations and requirements. Wear a mask, consider wearing gloves and always wash and sanitise your hands before and after the job is done. This isn’t just for your safety, it’s for the safety of your clients and their friends and families, too.

Stay ahead of the curve.

October is National Work Safe month, and this year the theme is Work Health and Safety through COVID-19 – designed to address the wide-reaching impacts of COVID-19 on Australian businesses, employers and workers. But there’s no need to wait until October to be prepared, visit the Safe Work Australia COVID-19 Information for workplaces website to learn more. There’s relevant information for a range of industries as well as specific information for small businesses.

The above information is a brief summary only and does not take into account your personal needs and is not a substitute for independent professional advice. We strongly recommend that you speak to your accountant as they will be able to provide you the most suitable advice for your individual circumstance and to ensure that you are also always receiving the most up to date information.


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