Electronic Application Lodgement


RedZed offers flexibility to brokers on how they wish to lodge a customer’s application for assessment. They can choose a manual application lodgement sent to our applications email inbox or via electronic lodgement.

Our preferred method is electronic lodgement via Loanapp (by Simpology) where available.

Access to Loanapp is currently available for brokers who hold accreditation with RedZed via their aggregator as the master introducer agreement holder. Brokers can utilise their aggregators software platform to access electronic lodgement to RedZed via Loanapp.

RedZed does not currently support Applyonline (by NextGen).

Loanapp How to Guides

Using Loanapp Start to Finish

An overview of how to complete a loan application in Loanapp, submit it up to the lender, and generate serviceability; supporting docs checklists, lender print forms and supporting docs upload.

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Loanapp Overview

This is a great video to watch if you are new to Loanapp. It will quickly go over all the components: – the loan application – the submit process – lender serviceability – lender print forms – supporting documents checklist and upload.

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Loanapp Features

Some Loanapp features that make it easier – Validation rules, 3rd party integrations, comments and icons.

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