LVR’s Based on Location

Max LVR's are always dependent on individual circumstances and the nature of the security being offered. If you would like further clarification around an individual location please contact us.

Welcome to RedZed Lending Solutions

We understand that the role of a mortgage partner, whilst incredibly satisfying has also become very challenging in recent times. Everyone at RedZed is committed to doing all that we can to enable you to deal direct with us in a simple, common sense manner. Everything that you will need to submit a loan application to us is contained within this section.

Customers who will benefit from a RedZed loan

A RedZed Lending Solutions mortgage has been designed to accommodate the needs of most specialist borrowers. We specialise in providing solutions for the self-employed. Flexibility has been built into our product range.

Become RedZed Accredited

As a responsible lender, RedZed only accredits experienced, customer-focused brokers who conduct themselves in a professional manner. It’s also important to note that RedZed only accredits new introducers on a referral basis. If you have a query, please get in touch.

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Accredited RedZed Lending Solutions introducers have the option of directly ordering valuations from one of our approved valuation agents.



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RedZed Identification Procedures

Verification of Identity (VOI) Options

RedZed VOI must be completed by an independent third-party. RedZed can accept any of the 3 VOI options listed below. Irrespective of the option selected there is no cost to the customer. RedZed will be invoiced and pay for this process to be completed.

You can download a summary of our VOI Options here

Option 1: Self-managed digital process using smartphone/tablet

Each Applicant/Guarantor completes digital MaxID VOI process using their smartphone or tablet. For more information on how MaxID works you can visit

Please do not register or attempt to set up an account with MaxID. This process will be initiated and paid for by RedZed if the loan is conditionally approved and no alternative method is selected.

Option 2: Visit your local Australia Post branch

Australia Post VOI Form

Each Applicant/Guarantor visits an Australia Post branch with their original identification documents as outlined in the form (eg. Passport, Driver’s Licence, Medicare card etc)

Download Form

Option 3: An ID Agent visits the customer at their home or office (most metro/suburban locations)

ZipID is a “come to you” service that assists your clients to complete a secure IDcheck at their home or place of work. Appointments are available Monday to Saturday for most metro/suburban areas.

How to use ZipID – for clients:

  1. Send your client(s) a copy of the “How to Complete Your ZipID”
  2. Your client(s) will then need to visit the ZipID website and book in a time that suits them.


In addition to VOI, we need to meet our Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations. This can be done by downloading and arranging for the completion of the below form and obtaining the relevant identification documents from your Applicant(s)/Guarantor(s)

Download form


Need your identification documents certified?

List of Acceptable Authorised Persons to Certify Identification Documents

(Only Applicable to the Customer Verification Form – If you are completing the Customer Identification Checklist as a RedZed Verification Agent completing face to face interviews you will need to sight the originals and provide clear legible copies of those)

  • Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations;
  • Member of Australian or State/Territory Police force;
  • Legal practitioner
  • Pharmacist

Please ensure that the witness certifies that the identification is a true and complete copy. The witness must also provide details of their qualification, contact address and contact phone number (we prefer a stamped version where possible for greater legibility).

Authority to access Applicant’s Bank Statements

If your Applicant would like the ease of providing their bank statements directly to the RedZed Credit team as part of the application process they can do so via the service. The Applicant can authorise RedZed to have access to their bank statements by clicking here.