Alt-doc Loans

We understand that proving your income isn’t always straightforward.

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Please note: RedZed only offers loans secured by residential and commercial property

The low down on low doc

The term ‘low doc’ or ‘low documentation loan’ has historically been associated with loan solutions that don’t require traditional forms of income documentation.

We call our flexible loan solutions ‘alt doc’ as opposed to ‘low doc’, to reinforce that we accept alternative or different forms of documentation that comply to lending standards.

For instance, we accept self-certified income declarations from applications, which are supported by either:

  • An accountant’s declaration; or
  • The applicant’s two most recent business activity statements (BAS); or
  • The applicant’s last six months’ worth of business trading statements.


RedZed provides alt doc options for both residential and commercial purchases.


Refinance your home loan or private debts and simplify your repayments.

Cash out

Release equity for business purposes, to purchase property or to make home improvements using our alt doc loan solutions.

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