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Welcome To RedZed Rewards

Being Self Employed can be tough.

While it’s great to be your own boss and get your hands dirty doing what you love everyday, often you can feel as though you are taking on the world — and the tick of the clock — all by yourself. Now, we’d never claim to have all the answers. But we certainly understand the challenges that you face. It’s why we’ve thrown out the tick the box model of lending in favour of a common sense criteria that works with each applicant on a case by case basis.

Real Rewards

Speaking to self employed people across Australia we identified some interesting insights. Although they’re probably all too familiar to you:

  • You work very, very hard
  • You are looking for better ways of running your business
  • You are often ignored because companies find it to time consuming to find out what makes your business unique.

As a member of the RedZed family we wanted to find a way of give something back to you that would actually make a difference to you, by working with a range of like minded organisations that can offer you services you actually need!

How does it work?

You will have received a uniquely coded RedZed Rewards Card in your Welcome Email. You have 12 months from the date of issue to claim your rewards by using the unique code on the digital card.


RedZed want to help you keep your individual or business affairs in order now, and in the future. So we have developed an exclusive relationship with the innovative legal services firm Eastern Bridge who are Property & Commercial Law experts. Together we’ve arranged to offer you up to 2 standard wills for FREE! (value of $990)

RedZed does not obtain any legal services from Eastern Bridge. Their focus will be to service you in the best manner that they can.

How to claim this reward
Step 1

Make sure you have your RedZed Rewards card with your unique code.

Step 2

Contact Eastern Bridge on 03 9006 5800, let them know you have your unique code for the RedZed special offer. Please refer to the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page for further details.

With all of the pressures of being self-employed you may want to get some advice and support from an independent source. So we would like to provide you with the same access to counselling services that we provide to RedZed staff, because you’re part of the family now.

We have developed a partnership with Acacia Connection to provide you up to 4 free confidential counselling sessions covering such areas:

  • 24/7 Access to crisis counselling with qualified Psychologists
  • Short term solution focussed counselling for many different work or personal topics of support
  • Access to legal referral advice on simple legal matters
  • Access to qualified financial counsellors to assist people to learn how to manage their finances better, ie budgeting etc.
  • Access to highly qualified Dieticians
How to claim this reward
Step 1

Make sure you have your RedZed Rewards card and have your unique code.

Step 2

Contact Acacia Connection on 1300 364 273, and provide them with your unique code to gain access to their services. Please refer to the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page for further details

RedZed has partnered with Pitstop Marketing to help you drive your marketing further. As part of our program, you now have access to one of four offerings to leverage and strengthen your brand.

Offerings available:

1. Social Media Recommendations – The social media recommendations outline a ‘who, what and when’ approach, with rationale and sets a foundation for future work.

2. Search Engine Optimisation Health Check/Recommendations – This review and documentation gives information to better optimise a website, with the aim of bringing more traffic of higher quality to your website.

3. Digital Set Up – This gives your business the ability to gather and report on data for who is visiting the website, where they came from and what they are doing.

4. Website Recommendations – This review is a straight to the point list of recommendations for your website to meet its objective, including information architecture, usability, lead generation and design guidelines.

Click here for more details on each offering<a

How to claim this reward
Step 1

Choose one of the four offerings available:

1. Social Media Recommendations
2. SEO Health Check/Recommendations
3. Digital Set Up
4. Website Recommendations

Step 2

Contact Pitstop Marketing on 08 7325 0336 or via email to admin@pitstopmarketing.com.au, and provide them with your unique code to gain access to their services.


For Customers

When it comes to self-employed people in Australia, we know that one-size, or one style, does not fit all. We’re small enough to listen, and big enough to help. We’re RedZed.


For Brokers

Everyone at RedZed is committed to doing all that we can to enable you to deal direct with us in a simple, common sense manner. Everything that you will need to submit a loan application to us is contained within this section.