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RedZed’s Summer Listening Series: Renegade Thinkers Unite

February 5, 2019 / 2 min



RedZed’s Summer Listening Series: Renegade Thinkers Unite

February 5, 2019 / 2 min


RedZed’s head of marketing Angelo Klidomitis reviews small business podcast episodes you should listen to this summer. This week, it’s an episode of the Renegade Thinkers Unite.

Episode 4: David Beebe, Marriott International

Running Time: 23 minutes

Here’s another podcast that I find really enjoyable and thought-provoking, Drew Neisser’s Renegade Thinkers Unite.

In this podcast series, Drew interviews a range of marketing professionals to investigate the secrets of their success.

There are now over 100 episodes, but I have gone right back to the beginning of the series to share an interview he conducted with David Beebe from the Marriott International hotel and hospitality chain.

In this episode, Neisser and Beebe discuss the role of content marketing and the process of building long-term relationships with your customers.

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To promote the Paris Marriott Hotel Champs-Elysees, David and his team produced a film shot in and around the hotel. It’s called French Kiss, which tells the story of an American businessman who falls for a woman he meets in the “city of love”.

As part of the promotion, Marriott International offered the “French Kiss experience” – meaning viewers were able to purchase packages to stay at the hotel to experience certain parts of the film.

David talks about the challenges he and his team encountered throughout this process of doing something a little different with their marketing. I hope you enjoy it.

You can find this episode on iTunes, or at the Renegade Thinkers Unite website.


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