A new online valuations portal

All valuations for RedZed loans are now ordered through the Valocity system.

Valocity is an online valuation ordering process that allows for the standardisation of most valuation fees and simplifies the valuation ordering process, saving introducers time and effort. Valocity will provide flexibility to introducers and their customers.

By using the Valocity system, introducers now no longer need to email, fax or call different valuers. All valuers registered with Valocity to supply RedZed with valuations will be available with a single login and subject to a set fee structure in metropolitan areas and up to $3M. Other system features are:

Order a valuation in real time when visiting a customer, or when it is convenient

Valuations are paid for directly on the Valocity online portal via direct payment or credit card

For introducers to access the Valocity system, please contact us on accreditations@redzed.com. You will receive an email from Valocity containing a link and instructions on how to register and activate your access to their portal. Once you are activated, you can start ordering valuations by logging in at portal.valocity.com.au/.

Valocity also offers an Australian-based Customer Care help desk service providing technical support and answers to any questions you may have as you begin to order new valuations on their platform. If you have any queries, feel free to email: support@valocity.com.au or call 02 8073 5107.

For further reference, please refer to:

As always, we are here to help with any other enquiries that you might have. You can call the RedZed team on 1300 722 462.