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Resilience Toolkit

At RedZed, we believe resilience is the defining edge of the self-employed. It makes powerful self-belief possible. And choosing to back yourself when making important decisions or planning for the future is the ultimate act of self-belief.

We commissioned panel profiling company Pureprofile to engage 500 self-employed and small business-owning respondents – women and men from every state, aged from 18 to 80 – to find out the truth about resilience.

Ultimately, you’re optimistic about the future and your small business success. But you’re tough on yourself. As self-starters growing small businesses from scratch, 66% of you say you’re harder on yourself than if you were someone else’s employee.

Being your own boss is more than being a master of your craft. It’s about having the drive to learn new skills that cultivate resilience.

Resilience is an inherent skill. But it’s also one that can be cultivated, not just one that belongs to a special few. So, how do you make resilience a set of tools, ready to use every time they’re needed? We’ve put together a guide.

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